Etosha Game Drives

We do half- and full day game drives to Etosha. All game drives must be booked in advance. We have 5 vehicles available. Our guides are well trained and will give you the best time and information, while taking you to see the exceptional animals living in Etosha. Early mornings can be chilly and for that we have blankets available. We supply bottled drinking water for free during the trip. Make sure to take your camera, binoculars, hat, sunglasses and sunscreen with you. Frequent stops are made for bathroom breaks. A lunch break is optional and can be discussed with your guide. Pick-up can be at the lodge, or at the Ombika gate.

Predator Sanctuary

We house several African predators which were captured whilst endangering our livestock.
They live in camps which is as close to nature as possible. We do not build  them shelters or feed them pellets as we believe to keep them as close to their natural habitat as possible. A veterinarian visit them regularly to weigh them, look at the condition of their skin, hair and teeth. This is a private sanctuary for problem animals, therefore we are responsible for them. The money received for the tours is used to feed them, guard them and pay for their health.

Rhino Sanctuary

Our rhinos belong to a private farmer. We host 2 male rhinos at any given time. The goal is to help this farmer accommodate more male animals, as the females are used for breeding but the males normally do not have a specific use. While the animals are young, the risk for being poached is smaller, as their horns are not fully developed. When they are fully grown, we cut their horns in the professional manner to allow it to grow again. This procedure is not harmful to the animals. This is not hurting the animals. We are fully responsible for their wellbeing. The rhinos are cared for by a veterinarian from Windhoek for checkups and emergencies.

General Information

1. Times – any time from 7h30, until 17h00. The last tour of the day leave at 17h00.
2. Bookings in advance – We always welcome advance bookings, as it makes the waiting times for our customers shorter. However, we also welcome walk-in bookings, as always.
3. All children under 18 must be accompanied by their parents.
4. People with special needs, are just as welcome. We will take extra care to accommodate them.
5. We ask that people wear comfortable walking shoes.
6. We do not allow people to drink alcoholic beverages during these tours.
7. We do a 15 – 30 minutes information session before each tour, where tourists get all the information and can ask questions.